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We're Isla (11) and Otis (8) and we wanted to find a way to help people during the Corona virus lockdown.


Like you probably are, we're looking for things to do while we're stuck at home during the lockdown. We're interested in what our dad does at work, so we asked him if he could show us how to make a website.

We also love telling each other jokes so we thought that we could share our favourites with you to make you smile too. Then if you chuckle, hopefully you'll want to say thanks by donating to help those fighting the Corona virus.  

As well as cheering people up, we wanted to raise money for those helping us all during the lockdown. Please give if you can. 

Uncle Sam (Sam le Mort) for designing our fab Lockdown Laughs logo.

Dad for teaching us how to make an awesome website.

Mum for inspiring us with your incredible Orange Otter designs.

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